Despite subscribing to various political parties and ideologies; young people face similar challenges which require a unified approach in tackling them. Young people are being affected by high levels of unemployment, lack of business opportunities, lack of access to decision making tables, poverty, hunger, lack of education opportunities as well as inaccessibility to comprehensive health services

Politicians are taking advantage of the plight of the youth to abuse them into various forms of political violence targeting their opponents. As we head towards elections, it is important to engage the youth and empower them to unite despite political divide and champion peace as well as leadership at all levels.

Young people must lead in spearheading issue-based politics and voting for policies that will address their challenges. We are uniting the youth to move beyond tribal, regional and religious divide and take part in developmental processes as one. In this regard, we partnered with Bwalo Likule Network and engaged the youth from various political parties to produce a theme song that is advocating for the youth to unite and lead in addressing challenges rocking our country.