Generation Democracy

Launched in 2015, Generation Democracy is a global network of more than 300 youth across 78 countries. Generation Democracy is an IRI initiative that engages, empowers & connects youth around the world to share their experiences and ideas.

Through the network, young changemakers can share ideas and best practices, as well as access skills-building workshops, webinars and professional development opportunities to help advance positive change in their communities and countries.

Ultimately, through Generation Democracy, young leaders from across the world plug into a growing movement of changemakers who are testing, replicating and scaling new ideas to advance the meaningful participation of youth in decision-making processes.

The International Republican Institute (IRI)

The International Republican Institute (IRI) is an American nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by helping political parties to become more issue-based and responsive, assisting citizens to participate in government planning, and working to increase the role of marginalized groups in the political process – including women and youth.

Blantyre City Council

BCC exist to provide environmentally friendly, high quality, efficient and effective demand driven municipal services in partnership with the individual and corporate residents to attain better quality lives for all residents in the City.