Good Governance and Participation

Overall Goal: To enhance meaningful participation of youth and women in democratic governance towards growth and development of the country.

Youth and Women in Malawi remain largely unrepresented and under-represented at various levels of leadership and participation. While at least there is currently 40% women representation in the new cabinet, there is 0% youth representation in the national cabinet. Out of 193 seats in the Malawi National Assembly, only eight are for young people aged 35 and below. Additionally, in Malawi, the total number for Ward Councillors aged 35 and below is just 40 out of 462 seats. The youth parliament is dysfunctional and there is lack of effective youth representation in district councils amidst decentralization concept. The status quo is the same at village and community levels where the youth and women are largely excluded in area and village development committees. Youth clubs and youth organizations lack capacity to effectively empower the youth to take leadership and participate in civic spaces. 

Economic Empowerment and Employment

Overall Goal: Improve socio-economic status of the youth and women through increased incomes

 Malawi is faced with serious challenge of youth unemployment and underemployment. According to the 2018 National Housing Census; 25.3% of the youth are unemployed. Additionally, only 9% of the youth in the country have formal education, 90% have no vocational or professional skills training and therefore have limited chances of fully participating on the labour market

In order create a conducive environment for youth and women employment both in formal and informal sectors we foster Skills development programs, Business incubations and access to loans. We do this by Identifying the capacity barriers and support them with entrepreneurship ventures, trainings and other existing initiatives. 

Sexual And Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

We promote general health, and non-discriminatory sexual reproductive health and rights of young people. We support access to comprehensive SRHR and HIV prevention information, services and life skills to in and out of school youths.

Environment and Climate Change

We promote youth involvement in climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes as change agents to promote sustainable development.